Eight cover Released July 21, 2017

The third release by Thirty Second Complex. This full-length album features the songs Metairie, Deadline, and Transcontinental. Available online via Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify and Tidal. More…


Thirty Second Complex - Midway (cover) Released August 12, 2016

The second release and first EP by Thirty Second Complex that contains three songs – Long DaysNoveBassic – and the “Evil Mix” remix of Phantasmal Wonder Chicken off of TSC’s 2008 debut album, “Before Time.” Available online via Apple Music and iTunes, Amazon Music, and other music services.

Before Time

Released October 8, 2008

The debut album of Thirty Second Complex featuring the songs Orion Orange, Sonic Fish and Phantasmal Wonder Chicken. Available online via Apple Music and iTunes, Amazon Music, and other music services. More…

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