Released on June 8, 2019, “Reply” is the fourth release by thirtysecondcomplex, and is available on Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, Tidal and a host of other streaming services. Songs include:

  1. Hours
  2. Down
  3. Options
  4. New Year
  5. Lectro P R G
  6. Plans

This collection of songs is a reply to many along my personal journey that began with learning something new, losing focus and confidence, seeking a new path and finding a way forward.

The cover photo was taken from the train while traveling along the edge of the Wine Country Fires and North Bay Fires of October 2017. Aside from some contrast adjustments and noise reduction, the surreal yellow tone and fog-like haze isn’t an effect — that’s what it was like in the late afternoon when wildfire smoke filled the sky. It was hard to breathe, even on the train.

Liner Notes

“Reply” composed, written and produced by Chad J. Kainz and Thirty Second Complex. Artwork, design and photography by Chad J. Kainz. ©2019.

All tracks were created on an Apple Macintosh using Logic Pro X and feature a number of hardware synthesizers including a Roland D-550, Roland MKS-70, Yamaha TX-81z and an Access Virus Rack. Although not an exhaustive list, some of the soft synths and samples used on the album include those from Native Instruments, iZotope, IK Multimedia, Samples from Mars, Output, UVI and Spitfire Audio.

Special thanks goes to Ryan who helped me get out of a creative rut and start this project with a rework of “Hours” in the middle of a chaotic Apple Store. Yes, I did get some movement in there…

“Options” goes out to everyone who helped clear the chaff and aided me in understanding what I can do including David Yaskin (Faculty Guild), who pushed me to really think about what I contribute to higher education and the edtech industry, and Scott Miles (Miles LeHane), who helped rebuild my self-confidence after a rather significant stumble.

“Plans” goes out to two project/program managers, Tim Aaron (Blackboard) and Matt Seeberg (Collaborative Solutions), as somehow they’ve always managed to make engagements that I’m involved with make sense. No matter how weird things get, they seem to figure out a way through the mud.

“New Year” goes out to all of my Strategy & Transformation colleagues at Collaborative Solutions — in so many ways, January 1, 2019 was the start of something even better. Meet me in St. Louis.

While I’m no bassist by any stretch of the imagination, the bass lines of “Hours,” “New Year” and “Plans” were inspired by my dear friend, Kevin Millard, who is an amazing musician and prog rock bassist and introduced me to Rush back in the late 1970s. In composing the lines, I just imagined him playing them on stage using his bass or Chapman Stick. Yeah, you do channel your inner Geddy Lee and will continue to do so in Tuscon.

Finally, “Lectro P R G” is dedicated to Kathy who used The Force and mind tricks to get me to finish and release this collection. Enjoy the dancing Por… er… puffins!

Published by Tunecore/Thirty Second Complex.