Time for a change

I casually observed how I post things on this blog (or not) and how I tend to edit and tweak things over time, etc. and recently came to the conclusion that it is time for me to part ways with Squarespace. Don’t get me wrong, Squarespace is a good tool that, unfortunately, has headed in a direction that just isn’t for me. I’m not exactly sure what the version 6 release is trying to do, but what I’ve found is that, somehow, it has driven me away from blogging. Maybe it has something to do with not supporting third-party tools for offline authoring or maybe the new layout engine just puts me off, but SOMETHING in the change to version 6 brought my creativity to a halt.

So once again, I’ve moved my sites to a new home and this time onto WordPress. When I make a move I do house clean, restructure things, etc. This time around I’m merging in hwaet.net and Friday Sushi into one home — this home under the Friday Sushi banner. Hwaet.net, like cjkainz.me, will redirect into here, but its time has come and gone. Friday Sushi is where I put my effort, so that’s what should lead my online story. Now a while ago I ran a professional blog, Wrangling ACT, and when that lost its head of steam I merged it in to my Friday Sushi world. Well, I’m spinning Wrangling ACT back out so many of those posts will reappear as part of a new re-imagined site for sharing thoughts about the intersection of technology and learning.