Friday Sushi

This site has evolved greatly over the years and has largely been a personal experiment to stay abreast of changes in consumer-oriented Web publishing. Starting as far back as the mid-1990s, this site was first housed at the University of Chicago and then moved to a free service, Tripod. After that, I moved the site to .Mac (and later MobileMe) and when I grew tired of manually building pages and saw the growth of mainstream blogging, I transported the site over to TypePad for a couple of years. Wanting more of a hybrid between a static site and a blog,  I moved the to Squarespace. I began with Squarespace 5, tried Squarespace 6 (we didn’t get along), and as a result, I’ve shifted to WordPress.

Anyhow, thanks for participating in my lengthy multi-decade Web experiment and I hope you find some of the things I’ve authored and posted mildly interesting.

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