Seals, Sea Lions & Sunshine

As I sit here enjoying my first taste of an artichoke enchilada at “El Palomar,” I find myself reflecting on the whirlwind of change over the last 120 days. Two months ago I was comfortably settled into a pattern of urban life within the third largest city in America, Chicago. Now I find myself disrupted, soaking in the very different place and pace of Monterey, California.

Chicago is a great city and a great place to both live and visit, and I continue to recommend it to anyone who asks. However, there is a certain tranquility here that has reset and refreshed my soul. Whether the spark that is rejuvenating me emanates from seals and sea lions that live along the harbor or the moderate temperature and sunshine, I have come to realize that I truly needed a change and 2000 miles later, I am experiencing a much needed one. Living in one place for too long, even if one changes their surroundings in a new home, isn’t necessarily good for the soul.