Trying Blogsy

Looking back on my blogging history, which arguably goes back to the late 1990’s, I discovered that when I have access to an offline blogging/authoring tool I write more. My Square Space period is marked by really lovely design, but very little content. At the time, one needed to be connected to post content. I traveled a lot, there was little connectivity, and my moments of inspiration didn’t coincide with access to the Square Space platform. Because of this, I switched to WordPress largely because its ecosystem provided more authoring options for me.

Now those of you who are reading this are probably saying to yourselves that I could have written content in virtually any tool and then pasted it into the platform when I had connectivity. Well, true, however I am a context-oriented writer. I have always used specific tools for specific tasks as it sorta helps me get into the head space for particular kinds of writing. Some people use paper and pens, others archaic word processors (there are still some WordPerfect 5.1 users out there) and even simulated (or real) typewriters to inspire them. There is something about having the right tool that can help with the creative process. For me, it is an attribute of myself that I get from my father; he had a specific tool for every kind of problem and if it didn’t exist, he’d make it. I’m much the same way.

All of this brings me to Blogsy for iPad by Formola. I’ve been trying to find a focused blogging tool that isn’t too rich nor too sparse, and incorporates my use of specific social media services to aid authoring. I’ve only started using Blogsy today, but what attracted me to it is its ability to easily incorporate my photos and video from other services. Again, it may be a little thing, but the ability to incorporate my stuff from elsewhere is important from a time and inspiration standpoint.

Anyhow, this adventure in blog authoring has just begun. We’ll see.