Before Time

"Before Time" album cover
“Before Time”

Released in October 10, 2008, “Before Time” is the first album by thirtysecondcomplex, and is available on AmazoneMusic, and iTunes. Songs include:

Frantic Stroll
Orion Orange
To See Her
Sonic Fish
Working Title
Around the Corner
Phantasmal Wonder Chicken

Liner Notes

“Before Time” composed, written, and produced by Chad J. Kainz and Thirty Second Complex. Artwork, design and photography by Chad J. Kainz. ©2008.

All tracks created on an Apple Macintosh. “Scion” and “Orion Orange” created with Logic 7; “Lightning,” “Xpermint,” and “Working Title” created with GarageBand; and all other pieces created with Logic Express 8. A Nintendo DS is featured on “Sonic Fish.”

Cover photograph of the Sydney Opera House (August 2008) taken from the Manly ferry at sunset.

Many thanks to Kevin, Roberto, and everyone on Facebook for encouraging me to finish this thing. To John, you’re an inspiration (“Scion” is for you). Thanks Mom and Dad — who knew that the Electronic Arts Music Construction Set on a Commodore 64 would lead to this? Kathy, you’re a great over-the-shoulder producer and my muse.

Don’t touch the chicken; it is finally cooked.

Published by Tunecore/Thirty Second Complex, UPC 859701055006.