Reflecting on Air Travel

In all of my travels through rural airfields and metropolitan aeroplexes, I have decided that in the United States where the nation extends across an entire continent and flying has become a necessity, the process of air travel is terribly broken and shows no signs of improving. From cramped aircraft and overbooking, to poorly designed facilities and ridiculous compromises, air travel in this country is much more of a chore than it should or needs to be. Flying from one city to another is not like jumping into the car and zipping off on a roadtrip to Wisconsin. It tends to be an all-day ordeal that starts at the moment one leaves home and ends when one closes the door at the hotel. Consuming the attention and will of the average traveler, the process of air travel is twisted and misguided often ending in disgust, anger, and frustration. And tomorrow, I start another travel cycle to prove it. Hopefully, I’ll be wrong.